Sunday, April 30, 2006

Edu-Tourism's revitalization

Edu-tourism has always been a side project of Mike Dorn, professor of Urban Education and Disability Studies at Temple University. Efforts to get other students and faculty involved in as co-editors have been largely unsuccessful. Instead of wishing things otherwise, I will proceed with a more appropriately personal approach to posts in this log. The next year will be full of change and transformation, and I invite you to share these experiences with me, as I will be spending more time in Jamaica with my students and in Michigan with my wife. Edu-Tourism will feature more photographs that up until now have been languishing in my Flickr photostream. Perhaps even some members of my family will stumble across these posts. I'm still waiting for the 'blog revolution' to take hold in Hilliard and Worthington, Ohio. I hope you enjoy the reorientation and I look forward to hearing from you.