Saturday, October 31, 2009

Welcome to Port Jefferson Station, NY

After living in Philadelphia for the better part of the 00s, Carla and Mike have picked up and moved out to Suffolk County, Long Island. This is a strange new world for us. Carla finds that much here reminds her of the countryside she grew up in, but with a twist. Mike has never been anywhere quite like this before. Suburban Ohio certainly had its charms, although we have had the opportunity to photograph comparatively little of it - and that mostly on holiday breaks. Long Islanders hold their secrets pretty close to be breast - the best place I've found to meet new folks is the Tara Restaurant and Bar in Port Jefferson Station. This is a local institution offering cheap meals and legendary happy hour specials. Everyone hangs out there, including a generous sprinkling of college students, sailors, Harley riders and evangelical Christians looking for potential converts. I think I may head over there this breezy fall afternoon, so we will have to see what tales we can tell at at the other end of college football and general mayhem. All the best, Mike