Monday, June 28, 2004

and on sunday we rested ...

Hello again - I am glad to have the opportunity to catch up on my postings to the Edu-Tourism Blog. This past weekend - June 26-27 - was quite a joy. Russell and Laureen Keith were my hosts as I enjoyed the simpler pleasures of a hammock strung between two palm trees. Over bottles of Red Stripe, Guiness and Heinekin, we discussed family genealogy and Jamaican politics. Russell has already enjoyed careers as a journalist and a labor relations manager for the Jamaica Shipping Association. But retirement finds the family engaged in the business of raising chickens - evidently the favorite meat of Jamaicans. When not consuming their own distinctive jerk chicken, the locals turn to 'the Kentucky' for a chance of pace.

On the news from, the major story of note is the departure of longtime Jamaica Labour Party leader Edward Seaga. For more on this important development - Seaga had served as leader for the past 20 years - see the reportage of Jamaica's oldest newspaper, the Jamaica Gleaner [After returning from higher education in the States and employment in Toronto, Russell Keith found employment with the Gleaner in Kingston back in the 1970s].

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