Friday, September 24, 2004

news of hayfield and bowden pen

Sylveen Sutherland called me last night, and I returned his call today. His family has lost their residences to Hurricane Ivan. Shaggy also lost his farm. The grandparents are living with his sister near Retreat, the same place he was staying when he visited us at the Whispering Bamboo Cove Resort. Given the crowding at his sister’s, I assume he is what we might call ‘marginally housed’ right now. Approximately ¼ of the houses in Hayfield were lost in the storm, and they are yet to receive any assistance from the government or from Bath. Through their own efforts they were able to clear the many large trees that blocked the Bath – Hayfield Road. The Cunha Cunha Pass trail is still very rough – many downed trees need to be removed. Shaggy has been down to Bowden Pen - apparently damage was sustained at the Ambassabeth Cottages but they should be ready for visitors by December if not sooner.

I also just now got off the phone with 3D Projects, where I spoke with Valerie. She lives in Airy Castle – they experienced damage, but not as much as Hayfield. She is still without power and water.

A group of 2004 Edu-Tourism alumni hopes to meet on Sunday, October 3, to discuss fundraising activities at the residence of Nelson and Novella Keith in Germantown.


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