Tuesday, August 30, 2011

reflections over an early morning cup of jo

Via Flickr:
Location: Bagels "N" a Hole Lot More
650 Patchogue Road, Port Jefferson Station, New York

This was our family's first major tropical storm. Carla, my wife, has been on service at the Stony Brook Medical Center all week. She came in early to help out with storm preparation.

And now that the storm has moved through we are dealing with some of the impacts of shifted activity patterns. Carla expects to see influx of patients to the hospital over the next week or so - folks who stayed away during the hurricane are now coming into Emergency with a wide variety of complaints and challenges.

Our neighborhood was largely spared - we live in Port Jefferson Station where the power went out early (5:00 am) but the few trees and limbs that went down were quickly removed. At this point it is anyone's guess how long it is going to take for LIPA to get a handle on things.

I went out to Bagels "N" A Hole Lot More in Port Jefferson Station for breakfast (excellent as always) and was treated to some pathetic stories of crossed lines of authority snarling response to downed wires in Stony Brook. Finally, this DOT employee had to turn to an emergency response team that had come up from Louisiana to take care of things. We of course could use more assistance of this sort, but communities upstate and in New England are facing much more dire circumstances.

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