Monday, July 26, 2010

Distance and orientation

LI North Shore
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Summer afternoons out here on Long Island, we often get caught by sudden downpours. Besides the nuisance of having to wipe down my truck's interior, these rains help to clear the air and lend themselves to beautiful sunsets. Last night I was getting out of an extended book-buying session at Huntington's renowned Book Revue to note one of these glorious sunsets in the making, and my mind raced. Where would the easiest and quickest location to view the sunset? From the map, I got a general sense for west-facing beaches and overlooks along Long Island's North Shore.

The David Weld Santuary looked perfect, but it was a little too far, on the other side of Smithtown. I had heard locals describe the distinctive cultural mix of Sunken Meadow Beach so I thought I would give it a shot, even though it seemed like it would be more east- than west-facing.

I parked in the largely empty parking lot and jogged down to the boardwalk, not knowing exactly what to expect. Certainly I did not expect that so many other visitors would be carring professional-looking fishing poles and gear. And the second surprise was seeing the sun preparing to set OVER WATER in the western sky!Where had my mental calculations gone wrong? And how many days do we left have to enjoy this spectacle?

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